Strand 2: Collaborative Writing

10:15-12:15...Overview of Collaborative Writing tools and theory.
12:45-2:30...Using Google Docs in the classroom and more (see video clips and links below)
2:45-4:15...Using iMovie collaboratively and more
4:15-4:30...Whole group de-brief

Collaboration Strand Hub of Information

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Session II 12:45-2:30

Writing Prompt:
Read the following article. Then, respond in writing. We will be using to collaboratively respond to this prompt. Prompt: Besides cute, what value does this show in the story process? What can we observe as we look at her as a beginning writer/story teller? How does this relate to your own role as a writer/story teller/summarizer?
Rhode Island Article

Work with Voice Thread: Star Wars Voice Thread

We created this VoiceThread together during our session.

Other Websites to look at for examples of collaboration:

ClassroomBookTalk website discussed in the video.

High School Online Collaborative Writing
Youth Voices
Chapter 4 from our Text
Heather Lewis' Examples

Want to explore different ways to use VoiceThread in education?
VoiceThread in Education
NWP's take on VoiceThread
VoiceThread and ELL

Time to work on new tools.