Pros and Cons of Collaborative Writing


  • highly motivating
  • makes the most out of limited resources
  • don't have to be in the same room to collaborate
  • accessible if you have internet
  • students can use their strengths, which helps the product
  • students learn from each other (how to use tech, subject/content)


  • can feel clumsy if you're unfamiliar with tool, which gets in the way
  • accountability issues (some kids goof off...)
  • takes more time to teach the tool; is that time best spent?
  • since it looks so nice they get distracted from the content (play with fonts, for ex.)
  • tech issues interfere(lab time, page down, not saved, network issues...)

Interesting (other thoughts that come to mind)

  • Google as the owner of our property (our docs, etc, become Googles)
  • young students having gmail accounts